Bulgaria: in the crossroad of your international business

Bulgaria has become an interesting place for international business

Since the beginning of his history, Bulgaria has been in the middle of very diverse cultures. Situated in the center of the Balkans, Bulgaria has been part of the Ottoman Empire, member of the Communist Bloc and state of the European Union in a very short lapse of time. This is essentially due to the huge strategical value of the position of Bulgaria. The country is situated in the middle between Europe, Turkey, Russia and Asia. For this reason, 5 Pan European Transport Corridors pass by Bulgaria.

Bulgaria international business crossroad

Due to its strategic location Bulgaria has become the crossroad for international business in Eastern Europe

Bulgaria International Business

From a business point of view, the main characteristic of Bulgaria is a tax friendly environment. In one hand, the taxes in Bulgaria are considered as the lowest of the EU. The country has a 10% flat rate for Corportate Tax and a 5% for Dividend Tax. Meanwhile, the fact that Bulgaria is member of the EU generates a climate of Legal Security Rule of Law.

But Bulgaria has more to offer. With 185 €/month as a minimum wage, Bulgaria’s Human Resources costs are the lowest of the EU. This makes perfectly possible for international companies to find qualified personnel in Bulgaria at very low cost.

For all this reasons, Bulgaria has been consistently chosen by a wide variety of international companies as a perfect outsourcing location. However, to invest in the Bulgarian market, to enter in the Bulgarian market, or, in general, to expand business in Bulgaria, requires technical knowledge prepared for the task. This is because if on the one hand we have the positive factors in Bulgaria, we shall not forget, on the other hand, that Bulgaria comes from a very specific business tradition, with a completely different mindset.

Carlos Valenzuela, How2Go Business Partner in Bulgaria

Photo: Dyavolski most, source Wikipedia

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