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How to do business in Europe I

Welcome to our exciting business trip around Europe where the “How to go there and do business” topics are going to be posted


Let me introduce myself first…my name is Régis Glaude. I’m 44 years old. I’m Belgian but I have been living in many different countries through my life. Indeed, I lived over a year in six different countries, from Portugal to Brazil and I’m currently living in Spain.


I spent all my current professional life travelling across the globe, getting to know so many different cultures and people, dealing with so many different interlocutors and I enjoyed every single moment of it.


Each of these many experiences have increased my resourcefulness and resilience as well as my adaptability to deal with the unknown and unexpected, giving greater flexibility and creativity in problem-solving.


The aim of these series of post will be to try to give you some interesting and productive tips so you can understand better how to deal with business players across several European countries.


But first, some explanation: although it’s called How to do business in Europe, it’s a fact that it is impossible to define accurately how each individual business player will act in each situation, regardless of its country of origin…imagine then how to try to settle specific reactions per country. It would likely be very pretentious on my side to tell you that if you follow my tips, you will always succeed in your business negotiations.


The intention is for it to be a recommendation as well as an observation of the situations that you would more frequently and more widely likely have to face and how you should act to avoid possible misunderstandings and even offenses towards your European interlocutor.


I hope that readers will want to engage in reasonable discussion with each other and with me, too. My idea is to make an open dialogue where people are willing to listen to others’ views as well as putting forward their own to help each other better and make it a better business world for everyone.


This is a new step for me. It may take a little time for the blog to find its rhythm; I’d welcome constructive suggestions and feedback from you.


Stay tuned for future posts. Next stop… Belgium!


Régis Glaude, International Trade Consultant at HowGo

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