China and learning programs: the most attractive option

In a highly competitive and interconnected world like the one that we live in, it becomes increasingly necessary to have a dose of international experience in our professional profile. Evidence of this is the large number of students and businessmen who, currently, participate in educational programs outside where they are from.

In this sense, the number of people who see professional growth in China has increased significantly. There is a specific interest in learning how to do business there, as well as being able to detect and take advantage of business opportunities. China shows as an excellent alternative to follow academic programs because it is one of the countries that, up to date, establishes more commercial and educational relations with the world.


It is very important to know which are the most important points that student mobility programs should accomplish. In this sense, the basic objectives are:

  1. Understanding the conditions of the country and the market: leaving behind the prejudices and breaking the paradigms on China, as well as knowing the dynamics of its different markets is crucial to detect consumer insights and visualize how the trade world interacts.
  1. Knowing people and their behavior: Understanding China is, also, understanding the behavior of its people. Since their customs and culture are quite different from those in the Western world, it is important to internalize correctly the way they work and do business.
  1. Learn to do business with Chinese companies: Knowing the manners, ceremony and characteristics of the negotiation processes, trading conditions, licensing and other particularities of the business in China is very important if, in the future, you want to start to engage Business relationships with customers or suppliers in this country.

As a result of the fulfillment of these three objectives, the participants of these programs become able to detect opportunities and to take advantage of them, integrating resources and own capacities with the dynamics of the Chinese market.

China learning programs

A group of students during their learning program in China


There are several types of programs offered to visit China. One of the most important are the ones that, like MBA or EMBA Modules, offers transfers to China in order to receive in a local university or chambers of commerce a certain number of classes and visits that cover different academic points to make the participants learn about how to do Business in China.

On the other hand, we also have the Commercial Missions, which are not necessarily oriented to students but also to professionals. These missions, in addition to having an important theoretical content, have a large dose of fieldwork that can include networking meetings, visits to offices, warehouses or, even, factories in China.

The world is increasingly connected and continuous academic growing is crucial to stay integrated into it and not being professionally relegated. The position that China is currently occupying in the world makes it a very interesting alternative for students and professionals of all kinds and everywhere.


How2Go China is committed to the support of these programs, offering multiple options for scheduled visits to institutions of all kinds, both government and foreign (multinational, Chinese SOE, SMEs, factories, etc.), given our experience as consultants for years in China and that, in this line, we collaborate with different universities and important business schools in the main cities of the country.


Constantino Marcos, General Manager HK/China Office at How2Go

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