How2Go is set as an international HUB where companies and managers are mutually supportive to define, start or promote their operations in international markets. Through its international offices and consultants network, together with agile development methodologies, How2Go acts following the water cycle, watchword and signal of our company.


Companies Internationalisation

Our working methodology is designed to help our customers through the whole internationalisation process, offering a complete portfolio of services as well as consultants integrated into their teams in order to ensure the success of the operations.

Analytical Phase


The process starts with the analysis and identification of the company’s key variables, its business model, duality and interests. Afterwards, market studies and analysis are being executed in the potential countries. The crossing points of both analyses permits to confirm the compatibility, the adequacy and the existing opportunities.
Finally, an internationalisation plan is elaborated with the strategy definition as well as the actions to be done per functional area.

Operative Phase


A consultant from your country office will lead the project in order to give support in the development of defined actions for the strategic plans. This allows our customers to have a commercial asset offering immediate and continuous presence in the country. The consultant, our customer’s temporary country manager, will act as a local thermometer to execute both the implementation actions and monitoring operations.

Final Phase


The How2Go objective is to guide our customers in their internationalisation process initial phases, promoting at the end its independency and autonomy in foreign markets. The How2Go integral internationalisation programme ends up once the project objectives are reached, starting then the evaporation process and allowing a self-sufficient management from our customer.


Your success is our success.

In How2Go, we understand that international operations require a financial effort from our customers. For that reason, along with supporting them in the search of possible financing coverage, we establish mixed remuneration models associating the success of the operations as part of the income of the company. This way, our customers have the guarantee that the How2Go team who will work together with them will give a full effort to reach the higher of the possible successes.