The organic food in UK

The organic food and drink sector in the UK

The organic food and drink sector in the UK continues to grow as health and wellness awareness increases despite the pandemic. It goes without saying that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been felt across almost every market globally. Most have experienced loss or drastic...

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edtech internationalisation localisation

Edtech internationalisation localisation

Selling education technology outside the UK - globalise, glocalise or both?   When it comes to expanding your international footprint it is not as simple as selling product in a new country. There are many problems that you will encounter and many nuances of business protocol that you...

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London How2go

UK Market sectors with opportunities

A level playing field in the UK We all know the British (the UK) invented sports like Football, Rugby and Cricket. Quintessential good manners and fair play since the Industrial Revolution. Now, why bet on the UK in the 2020s? The United Kingdom, a top ten, mature...

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